YOUR Photos


Hooray, you're here to claim your photos! Excellent! But before we go all grabby hands, please remember that this is a courtesy I offer to my friends and clients, and most photographers are not so willing and free in this regard. Please feel free to always share my images! But do be a doll and credit me when able. You may find your photos on my FACEBOOK PAGE as well, in which case you can simply tag yourself or your friends to share them (that method will automatically link back to me, making it super easy). Remember, I'm just a lil' guy and every word counts. Also, Photos take space, as time progresses I will remove albums from the gallery and keep a select few for the portfolio... so be sure you gather your memories before they are gone (but that's a slow process). 

Anyways, here's how you can download your photos from the interwebs. You can download the entire album, or pick and choose individual pictures.

To download the ENTIRE ALBUM: Find the album with your name, organization, or event. Hover over the cover. Two small icons will appear. Click the download button! This will prompt a copyright notice, but that's not holding you back, you wily devil. You can also click on the album and find the same download button just below the title.

To download a SINGLE PICTURE: click on the album you wish to explore. From there, click on a picture. This will enlarge it, and four icons will appear. Click the download button and select the size you wish you download! My images are large... so be sure you have enough space.

Easy enough?

Onward to your photos!< < < Click it...