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Fully Edited Photo Session

     Life is an adventure. And, just like fingerprints, no adventure can be replicated. Memories are fleeting, why not capture them? As a photographer, I believe in capturing the adventure, and the beauty of adventures is that they come in all shapes and sizes. From couples wishing to share the joy, to unique events with heaps of friends and daring outings exploring a moment, to showcasing what makes you... YOU, I love the variety. I love the challenge. I love sharing the adventure. 

     I specialize in rough settings, but more traditional ideas are a breath of fresh air as well. Hire me to join you in capturing that adventure. Click left to talk with me! 

Photography Services and Adventures

Night Skies, Auroras, and Light Writing Workshop

     Learn the in and outs of shooting at night... particularly stars, light writing, and the amazing Northern Lights!

‚Äč     Have a DSLR but not sure how to use it? Or, better yet, step back a notch... have a fancy camera but no idea how to use it? I can show you how, and we can have a blast at the same time! I'll teach you how ISO, aperture, and shutter speed all interact under these uniquely Alaskan conditions to capture a photo that will leave your friends envious. That being said, this adventure is entirely weather and date dependent... but a few clouds only mean that you've got subjects to frame!