Guided Kayak Adventures

Peterson Bay and China Poot Bay

     Experience one of the most fertile areas of Kachemak Bay. Centrally located between an impressive sea bird rookery, salmon spawning area, and marine mammal haven, these bays pack a punch in a small area throughout the year. And when no animals are to be found, the dramatic scenery certainly makes up for it with unique rock formations and imposing sea cliffs.

     Accessibility depends on both weather and tides, but seemingly limitless options to explore make it easy to reap the best of a full or half day adventure... no two days are alike! Furthermore, beginners and seasoned paddlers alike can appreciate these wild places!

Tutka and Beyond

​     Immerse yourself in solitude at Tutka Bay or other nearby coves. Closer to the mouth of Kachemak, these locations have their secrets and gems to discover hidden in the fjords of Tutka and islands of Jakolof. It's easy to feel small in these bodies of water.

​     Weather dictates access to these bays, and a willingness to paddle longer, farther, and harder is certainly encouraged to see all these places have to offer. Whale, otter, and seal sightings are a common blessing, along with breathtaking views of imposing mountains.

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