Grewingk Glacier Trail

     As one of Homer's popular trails, witnessing the views quickly makes it easy to understand its frequency. The trail is well maintained and gradually gains in elevation (with the return having a brief, upward switchback and longer downward switchback). At just under 4 miles in length, it makes a glacial trek accessible to anyone and can be done in a quick amount of time for fast walkers. 

​     Berries are abundant in late July, and wildlife sightings are a common occurrence... one may even spot a whale as they're boating to the trailhead! This trail requires a water taxi across the bay to Kachemak Bay State Park as there is no road access to either end of the trail.

Eveline State Recreation Site
     Open meadows and lush spruce forests offer pristine views of Homer's rolling landscape and bay. Even mighty Grewingk can be seen from many vantage points! with snowshoeing in the winter, birding bonanzas in the spring, and wildflowers in the peek of summer, it has something for everyone all year long. Eveline is certainly a naturalist's dream! Learn the resident bird calls and identities of wild flora as you go.
     The trails are not particularly difficult, but they still require sure footing. Some areas can be boggy, especially after moderate rainfall, so waterproof boots are recommended. Elevation gain is minimal and length varies by the chosen route.

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Diamond Creek to Bishop's Beach

     Explore the lonely bluffs of Homer's coastlines along this 6 mile walk. Starting at Diamond Creek Recreation Site, the trail meanders a 1/2 mile down to sea level through a dense alder forest. At the base, one is greeted by an eager creek spilling to the sea. For a shorter adventure, it's rewarding to simply explore at the end of the trail where exceptional tide pools rest alongside the occasional leaf fossil.

     Backdrops of jagged purple mountains and rugged volcanoes grace the horizon, and otters and seals are a common sight in the shallow waters off shore. From here, one must follow the tides to avoid bottlenecking, and complete the trek to Bishop's Beach. Waterproof boots are encouraged!

Guided Hikes and Nature Walks