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​So you've done it. You've clicked it. Now you're here, ready to talk to me...


My email is below, but first, let me tell you...

I am human, and I hate spam.​ Don't contact me to spam me. I have zero time for that.

If you do spam me, you can expect an inbox full of terrible ads you didn't sign up for. Also, please, for the love of God, don't interpret that as a challenge. Otherwise, I like talking about birds and adventures and taking pictures, and maybe we could do both together. So if you are human, you can figure out how to contact me by reading this. My email is courtneymoody999 (at) gmail (dot) com. Replace the (at) and (dot) accordingly. 

(Side note, my phone carrier is comically bad, so I use email, cause technology and stuff.)

You can also connect with me on the Facepages, Instagrammar, and Youtoobs. Cheers.​​​