----- CKJM -----

I enjoy the idea of stories: they make reality and history more palpable.

I could lay facts before you like I would a hunt’s carcass, but they’d translate no further than the animal’s black, cold eyes, lost to time. So, if Life is the beast, than memories are the Sport, and I’ll salvage the game that I can. I’d hang them in the quiet, humble openness of a proud mantel.

My name is ckjm. I am no expert in any one thing, but I'm darn decent at many. I wander the world, but call Alaska home. I have no degree, and I am proud to admit that I dropped out of college; though, that makes me no less intelligent and fond of learning. Before the shift in my course of life, I studied avian diseases. I now work in various law enforcement and guide/naturalist jobs... in other words, I'm a glorified park aid/security guard and raft guide. I am also an avid kayaker and birder, and I'll happily neglect my social needs any day to spend my time in a kayak counting murrelets in the reflective pools of calm seas (or rough, I can dig that). 

Sometimes I do cool things. Other times, I just confuse the hell out of people. I enjoy cutting stones, watercolor, crying about how high it is while rock climbing, barking at traffic, photography, making friends with corvids, sitting in my Jefe to watch TV if I can't take him out to play, reading scholarly articles about various diseases and behaviors (feel free to always share a good one with me), falling with style while skiing, questioning whether or not I should eat this thing that I found, making dinosaur noises, hiking slowly, oxygen, and oddly colored plants. I might be a bit of a legend, but, realistically, I am only such in my mind; though, if at the end of the day I've inspired one person to pursue their passions with as much fervor to match my own, then I'll justify being a legend any day. To balance, I am also a quintessential wallflower, so that keeps things in check. Basically, I go to a bar after whatever shenanigan I pursued and immediately talk about the local avifauna that I saw in the parking lot.

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